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Bing Ads Management Services in New York and New Jersey | BDGrow Bing Management Agency

Empower Your Marketing With The Best Bing Solutions

Bing Offers Amazing Possibilities To Promote Everything You Desire!

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Bing Ads Management Services

Most people think of Google anytime they want to advertise their business, website, or services. But you are missing one of the most frequented and important search engines out there. Bing offers amazing possibilities to promote everything you desire. With a population that will surpass your expectations, our dedicated Bing ads manager will provide you professional assistance to give you a boost in search engines and provide better revenue.

We all know that Google is the leader of ads, but do you know about the amazing popularity of Bing and the quality of users that surf this search engine? You can advertise better and more efficiently than ever before. You will still have your big piece of share in the SEO markets. If you do not consider being ads management services you risk losing more than 17% of the total potential audience.

With our Bing ads, experts not only you can improve your ad campaign but can make the worth of your investment. We focus on improving your search engine marketing through the best Microsoft advertising solutions that will improve the value of the whole search network for your business for the long term.

You can be looking for better promotion of your products and services or for a professional Bing ads agency. In both cases, we are the best choice to make your marketing and advertising platform alongside with pay per click really count.

Why Should You Choose Bing Ads?


126 million US users used Bing as their search engine to make more than 6 billion searches through their browsers. This number is absolutely huge. Maybe not compared on the Google scale but Bing is the favorite choice of 36% of US desktops markets.


As Bing doesn’t have the popularity of Google the prices of advertising are a little cheaper and you can reach millions of customers while paying less.

Reach Unique Territories

There are territories that only Bing can reach. Making your marketing campaign really valuable as you expand your exposure like never before.

Higher Positioning

The first thing that comes to your mind for advertising is Google, but Bing offers a higher positioning, which is something that most people find valuable for their marketing campaigns.

Less Competition

Advertising on Bing means that you will have a smaller competition and reach your targeted audience faster. Not only you will have less competition but reaching your goals will cost fewer while you pay less for PPC.

Bing Ads Categories

Textual Ads

You can choose the text advertising methods for your Bing campaign and our experts can immediately get to work. To make it clearer, anytime someone searches for the selected keyword on Bing search engine your address will be the first one to pop up at search results every time.

Content Ads

The best choice if you need more flexibility for your campaign and expands the reach of your ads. This will make it possible for your content to appear on Microsoft partner platforms and sites like Yahoo or others owned by Microsoft, which to be honest, provide a large number of visitors.

Product Ads

Bing ads management services offer amazing solutions for businesses that want to display their products on their search engines. Amazing possibilities to promote your business and improve your sales. Highly recommended for a new business or for anyone who wants to enhance their revenue.

How You Can Target Customers with Bing Ads

It is well known that Bing helps you reach your targeted audience very efficiently and effectively. But to fully understand how…check our information below.

Location of Your Targeted Customers

Bing helps users reach their audience by targeting customers based on the chosen location. So, if you want to reach customers in a preferred location you know that this is the best choice.

Device They Are Using

You can reach the audience that is using the device that interests you. If you developed a program for iPhone 11 (example) you can reach only that kind of audience. Of course, this is only a small example of the large solutions that you can create.


Bing allows clients to display their ads to the preferred demographics audience. Reaching your customers based on required age, gender, location, spoken languages, and improve the potential of your marketing.

Time of The Day

Choose the time of the day that you want your Bing ads to be displayed and reach the visitors that prove value to your site or business. Combine this feature with other solutions that Bing offers to create the best possibilities for your business.

Why Partner with Our Bing Ads Agency?

Our agency offers a diversity of PPC professionals that can assist you with maximal expertise and create better possibilities for your business through Bing marketing. Provide you amazing solutions even without google ads. Turning your business into a valuable destination for visitors and boosting your revenue through Bing ads.

Professional Assistance

We will take care of your advertising account and assign a dedicated account manager to take care of your marketing. Learn all the aspects of your business and provide detailed insights from your Bing ads account.

Better Sales

Marketing is directly connected to your revenue & sales. We guarantee an improvement in your sales with the solutions that our Bing ads agency provides. Reaching the customers that show interest in your products and services and turning your site into their favorite destination.

Better Visit to Lead Ratio

With our solutions, we are able to provide clients a better visit to lead ration through Bing ads services. Creating designs that are tailored with the strategy of focusing the attention on conversions and implementing your values on the frontline.

Improve Your SEO

Besides advertising on the Bing search engine, we also know the right solutions to make your site rank higher through achieving better SEO standards. Our experts can provide a diversity of strategies and solutions to boost your site ranking on different search engines.

FAQs about Bing Ads Management Services

Each platform has its own benefits. While Google is more populated and offers better exposure it is also more expensive and can not reach the whole potential audience. Bing is a great search engine and also offers huge popularity. Created by Microsoft, it is one of the most trusted search engines and one of the most reliable nowadays. With amazing video search capabilities, Bing is absolutely one of the best platforms to advertise.

Yes, the same way people focus their marketing campaign on Google AdWords you can focus it on Bing ads. Not only you will benefit from Bing users but all the partner platforms like Yahoo and AOL. And yes, there are millions of users who still use those platforms.

Based on the services you choose from our agency we can provide you with a pricing quote. The campaign manager that we will assign you can help you get better decisions and improve your exposure on search engines and social media.

Yes, you can count on our professionals to provide you many suggestions on how to improve your advertising campaign or hire our dedicated experts to take care of your marketing while you focus on other important tasks.