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Ecommerce SEO Services

Struggling with your online sales? No need to worry anymore about this problem. Our eCommerce SEO services in New York and New Jersey are the best that you can find online. Working with the bestselling websites and plugins we have the right experience to provide you with the best eCommerce services.

Trust our eCommerce SEO experts to develop your website and optimize your plugins to increase your product and services sales online but to also improve your sales in local stores. Providing the best eCommerce optimization for your website store with the key goal to increase your sales online.

Creating better leadings to your store by optimizing your page ranking on the best search engines. We will lead most of the organic traffic from search engines right to your website by optimizing your page ranking. This means that your website will have more traffic, more revenue, and more sales.

Work with our SEO experts not only to create and optimize the best eCommerce website on your local area but also internationally. Experienced with the best plugins when it comes to eCommerce to provide the best user experience to all your visitors.

You never have to worry about your visitors not understanding the way your online store works. Our SEO team is very experienced in constructing websites in a very simple way with easy-to-understand functionalities. This makes it simple for every visitor to understand & purchase from your online store. The transactions will be easy to make, and always 100% secure.

Focusing on building trust between your website and your visitors to create a strong bond between both.

Building an outstanding reputation online and locally to help your website attract new customers every day and increase your sales online. People tend to purchase with higher prices in a trusted source than lower prices in a dangerous site. That’s why we take reputation and security as a priority when it comes to eCommerce websites.

First Steps of Optimization

With the same goal and dream as you, to make your website nr1 when it comes to online sales. We focus on increasing your website visibility online and building the best eCommerce website for your visitors.

Experienced in all themes and plugins to make every transaction easy and secure. Optimizing every Category of products, every store product, and each page to make the navigation on your website as simple as possible. Our first steps of optimization are:

eCommerce Structure Optimization

Making sure that every visitor that enters your online store has an easy and pleasant time searching for products and services is our top goal. That’s why our eCommerce SEO experts analyze all of your website pages to optimize structure on every page to achieve maximal results.

Researching Important Keywords

Keywords are what lead people the most on your website. We analyze the most important keywords from all sources online, even your competitors to make sure that when your website goes public you rank higher than then. The higher your ranking on search results the better your sales each day.

Link Building

Focusing on making your eCommerce website more visible by creating high-quality links that will redirect users online to your website when they are navigating on other top-quality websites. (Example: Finding links of eBay in We target the right audience to help your website grow in the fastest time and become a reliable source for all the buyers.

What is included in BDGrow eCommerce Services?

Competition Research

  • Before we start working with our unique content for your website, we take deep research on every important competitor to see how you will rank against them.
  • Researching the kind of market, you are going to develop by analyzing the most important keywords and optimizing your content related to your products and services.
  • Setting our goals about your traffic and your revenue before we begin to work with your website and after our work to compare results and to see the improvements.
  • Unlike some competitors who want to manipulate search engines to increase their PageRank, we never use keyword stuffing.

Optimizing Website Content

  • Optimizing the content for your website is very important for our eCommerce SEO company. Our SEO copywriters are the best writers when it comes to being creative and writing unique content.
  • Unlike the other companies, we don’t use ready templates to finish your work faster. Every content created by us will be 100% original and perfectly optimized for SEO and readability.
  • Making tests to make sure that our tone of voice is perfect for the readers to give the best impression.

Optimizing Website Coding

  • Working hard to optimize your website speed and security.
  • Making sure to optimize your website for all devices so it is also 100% supported on mobile.
  • Tracking your traffic data by using powerful and correct tools like google analytics.
  • Optimizing all your old pages to improve their visibility on search engines and to improve traffic.
  • Providing your visitors with the best conversion rate optimization to make their surfing on your website exceptional.

Creating the best user experience

  • Targeting the selected audience and writing very valuable content about the products and services you offer.
  • This step has the purpose to improve your website visibility on search results but also to help your customers find your products and services faster.
  • Using high-quality videos and photos to optimize your website the best way with SEO.
  • Creating the best products and services description.

Local SEO Optimization

  • Creating a strong and perfect optimized GMB profile to help your business or website gain more traffic and local customers. Optimizing your Google My Business page to lead people easier at your business, listing your contact form to help people reach you faster.
  • Auditing the old citations and creating new from the best quality sources online.
  • Creating a new social account on Facebook & Instagram or optimizing your old ones to provide even better results when it comes to increasing your sales.
  • Building the best reputation online by creating backlinks monitoring your citations on other websites.

Detailed Reports

  • Providing you with detailed reports from Google Analytics at the end of every week or the end of every month.
  • Giving the best reports with even the smallest detail included about your eCommerce Campaign and your improvements in marketing.
  • Our eCommerce SEO agency will track all the incoming calls, messages, and visits
  • Monitoring each security update and focusing on your site safety by analyzing every hacking attempt or Google Penalty that your website can get.

Optimization of SEO Campaign

  • Analyzing your most important keywords ranking, the organic traffic from search engines, tracking the calls you get and finding how many people were led to your website from the SEO campaign
  • Researching your top competitors about their keyword ranking.
  • Always keeping one eye on top 4 competitors.
  • Focusing on improving your SEO campaign on each passing day.

Ecommerce Content Marketing

Think that the content on your website is enough to take care for all your marketing online? Don’t listen to lazy marketing managers that will respond immediately “yes”. There is always space to improve when it comes to marketing online and your website content.

We are the best eCommerce SEO company because we never rest without reaching our goals. No matter if you own a small brand or business, online sales can’t be limited. That’s why we always say there is space for improvements.
Every day new visitors can come to your website and buy new products, look for the services you offer. But if you don’t take new steps at online marketing and keep doing the same thing then you will remain in one position all the time.

The other reason why you need eCommerce Marketing is that if you don’t then your competitors will. No one likes to lose visitors, especially to your top competitors. People tend to research all the time for products and services, that’s why you need a strong marketing strategy to keep being always on top.

Why do you need eCommerce?


Contacting our eCommerce SEO consultant will help you understand all the important benefits of creating this kind of website in 2020. We live in an era of technology; everyone has a smartphone in their pockets and 60% of people tend to buy from online shops nowadays.

Millions of Customers

Buying products from online shops it’s very easy and simple. People can watch and analyze the product as many times as they like. And in the end, the transaction is done safely through the bank. So, if you are getting hundreds of customers on your local store, with the help of an eCommerce website you can have millions of visitors on your website, which offers the same products.

More Local Customers

Some people even search on your website if the product they like is responsible before coming to your local store. You already know that the biggest online companies are those who use eCommerce services like Amazon, eBay, AliExpress, etc.


This happens because people love the simplicity & security that buying from eCommerce websites offer. Looking for many products you offer from home without asking for help from nobody is awesome, right? Imagine how awesome it is to feel safe on every transaction that you will make online.

Best Benefits

Providing you with the best eCommerce business website, best product descriptions, amazing title tags, best SEO strategies, site architecture, and many more benefits that our company is more than happy to help with.

Why should you work with BDGrow?

Best Quality

Don’t look any further if you only care about the quality of work when it comes to your website. Knowing how important is your business for you we treat it as our own. Aiming only for the best work and for the best results by giving our maximum at all times. No matter how much work is required, in the end you will have the best quality eCommerce website.

Competition Destroyers

The most important thing for any business and website is to get on top and keep being on top. This is what we do, we analyze all your competitors and make keyword research on them to use it in your favor later. Analyzing their website for any deficiency and implementing them on your website to get an advantage. Our technical SEO will make sure that your website is fully optimized for all modern search engines.

Best Prices

No matter if you own a small eCommerce website or a big one, our princesses are affordable for all of our clients. We say we never use low quality, but our prices are lower than all of our competitors. The purpose of our company is to help all of our clients reach their full potential online with their eCommerce websites without costing them a fortune. Having the most competitive prices on the eCommerce website developing we aim to build the best reputation as an SEO company.

FAQs about Ecommerce SEO Services

SEO aka “Search Engine Optimization” is the service that makes your website climb rankings on the biggest search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. An SEO expert works to increase your website visibility and optimize all pages on your site to have better traffic online and a better revenue.

You should hire an SEO for better visibility, better monitoring, and better revenue online. At the end of each month, you will see improvements that you could never achieve without the help of an SEO expert.

Return of Investment aka ROI is one of the main reasons why you need to hire an SEO expert. They can be a little bit expensive at the beginning but they always provide the fastest ROI and cover the expenses.

An eCommerce website is a form of trading and selling goods over the internet. Besides trading and selling, it also covers the part of the payment between both parts. To explain it simply, any website that sells products online can be called eCommerce.

Before you buy anything from an online source you need to check first the review and reputation of the website from sources you can trust. Some websites are very reliable but there is also the possibility that some of them are scammers. Make sure that everywhere you purchase anything they offer a money-back guarantee if not satisfied with the product.

There are many platforms that offer eCommerce building services but the best and most used today are WordPress & WooCommerce. Both of them are open source and support the latest technology when it comes to this category.

Yes, our SEO team is very specialized in using the best eCommerce plugins to add more functionalities to your website.