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Google Penalty Removal and Recovery Services in New York & New Jersey | Link Removal Services

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Google Penalty Removal and Recovery Services

Do you want to see your website lose traffic and rank lower than ever in google searches? We are sure you don’t. That’s why we provide the best se Google penalty removal service. If your website is part of the google penalty you will lose a lot of traffic, your ranks on google will decrease, and your revenue will drop massively. That’s why you are here, and that’s why we are here, to provide you with a solution.

We live in a world where everything is connected by the internet. What connects your website to your visitors is the visibility you have in search results. If your website is penalized by google then every traffic you were getting from organic searches will be gone. Your website will be at a dead end since it won’t generate any more traffic and it can’t grow anymore.

Imagine your website like a book in a library that is being removed. All the people who will come and look for that book will never find it again, no matter how much they look for it. The same thing happens with your website if it gets penalized by google. No matter how much they search, your website won’t appear in search results. We are here to help!

Our company offers the best solution when it comes to Google penalties and recovery services. We make sure that you earn all that outstanding reputation back and your traffic starts to increase again. Helping you to increase your website visibility back and increase google rankings again after google penalty removal service.

What is Google Penalty?

Google Penalty is a striking drop done by Google to your website that will affect your traffic, sales, ranking on Google searches, site visibility, etc. This can happen for many reasons but some of them are: Buying Links, Duplicate Content, Overusing H1 tags, Internal 404s, Stuffing Keywords, Footer Links, and many other reasons.

Google always decides to show users around the world only the most valuable content on search results. If your website is penalized it doesn’t matter how good your content is, it will never reach traffic through google searches.

The rule that came in 2012 stricken 1 on 10 websites because they weren’t optimized the right way. Sites that were hit by the Penguin update were gone from the search results forever. We know you are here looking for a solution, don’t worry we know the most effective way to climb back at the top.

Fixing those steps is a very hard process, you really need the help of an expert SEO to fix Google Penalty. You can result in damaging your site even more if you don’t ask for help. Our consults are free, so don’t hesitate to contact us.

How do you recognize Google Penalty?

There are 2 kinds of penalties, one is Google algorithmic that updates often. The other one is manual, where you will get informed before. To avoid Google penalties manual or algorithmic you need to work with an SEO expert so you will always avoid this unpleasant surprise. Some clues listed below to help you recognize if you have faced a google penalty.

● Your website google ranking starts to decrease. This is the first clue you get and the most important one. Your traffic from search engines will be dead.

● If any page you had in top positions starts to decrease and you see them in the 3rd or 4th search results page.

● If the cached search results are deleted overnight.

● Executing a site search (example + keyword) and not getting any result.

● If you search on google for your homepage but instead you find another page.

Why Has Google Penalized My Site?

Google keeps tweaking and improving their search engines. There are many algorithmic updates that can result in a fatal blow for your website. Some of the reason why that happens is listed below:

Purchasing links, if you have purchased lots of links from bad sources with the purpose to manipulate search results and improve your PageRank then note this one.

Abusing with Reciprocal Links, excessive link swapping online is considered as a violation of terms and you can have a red flag for manipulation.

Excessive H1 tags, if your past SEO developer has overused the h1 titles in the content he provided you to add more key keywords then this is also a red flag for penalization.

Internal 404s, errors are unacceptable by google and you need to make sure that your site is error-free before you get in the blacklist of Google.

Duplicate Content, if your website has duplicated content than its value for google its marked as low, so this is a very fair clue for a penalty.

Footer Links are considered a form of manipulation. Sometimes using the wrong way to increase your PageRank and Google can penalize your website for this reason.

Hidden Links are marked as suspicious from Google. They should be clean and visible for every site visitor. Make sure your link color is different from your background, you don’t want to get penalized for something like this.

Copying Content from Other Sites, Google respects creativity and relies on the valuable information that every user provides to the search engines. If you copy content from some other source and use it as your own, Google will be the first to know and penalties may happen. Make sure that you use your unique content on your website.

There can be plenty of other reasons for your website Google Penalty, to find them and fix them you need the help of an SEO expert. Benefit from our google penalty recovery services to get back on track as fast as possible.

Google Penalty Removal Process

Before we start working with the penalty recovery, we analyze your website about every error and suspicious information it may contain. After finding what caused the Google Penalty, we fix that problem, search for similar problems on all of your website pages to make sure it never happens again. The Google Penalty Removal Process can be a short one that can be fixed in a couple of days or can be a hard one that can last a couple of months to get back on track. This depends on what kind of penalty you are suffering from. What we promise is that no matter how bad it can look and can be, we are here to help!

FAQs about Google Penalty Removal Services

Yes, our team of SEO experts is very skilled in finding the reasons behind your site penalization and fixing them.

Results depend on the kind of penalty you are suffering from. If the penalty is over something that can be fixed easily it can take at least some days, the worst scenario is when the penalty needs a couple of months to be fixed.

There are many reasons why your website can be penalized by Google so we can’t tell you an answer without investigating. What we can tell you is that you can get back on track with the help of our SEO experts. Consult us for free to learn why your site is penalized and how to fix that.