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LinkedIn Marketing Services

LinkedIn is one of the biggest social media networks with more than 560 million active users. It is a platform that builds networks and connections. LinkedIn is the top-rated social network for lead generation. The major part of its audience has a professional background. If you are looking to generate qualified leads and build a solid foundation, our LinkedIn marketing agency is the right choice. LinkedIn offers businesses to connect with a professional audience and create valuable relationships. Advertising on LinkedIn provides a large audience for your business to connect with and deliver your message directly to them. Our agency is ready to develop the right LinkedIn marketing strategy that can take your business to the next level.

Benefits You Can Expect

LinkedIn features more than 500 million active users. Nearly 10% of its audience are decision makers that are eager to grow your business. Here are some of the benefits of using LinkedIn as your advertising platform:

Access A High Audience

Except providing you with half a billion users to connect with, LinkedIn users can be more valuable compared to other social media platforms. LinkedIn users share a massive amount of information including their location, position, work experience, skills and more. This makes it much easier to target that part of the audience that you desire.

Accurate Targeting

One of the most notable benefits of using LinkedIn as your advertising platform is advanced targeting options. When you launch your ad campaign, you can target your audience by their location, job title, company name, industry, degree and professional interests. All these options assure you that you are targeting only the audience that matters the most for your business. Accurate targeting helps you make the most of your ad spend and brand your business in the most effective way.

Budget Customizing

While advertising on LinkedIn, your team can tailor your budget to your business. No upfront payment is required compared to traditional advertising channels like broadcast TV or newspapers. One of the advantages of advertising on LinkedIn is that you have the opportunity to change your budget according to the performance of your ad campaign. However, a minimum budget of 10$ per day is required. But this minimum budget can help your business increase the effectiveness of your ad campaign, as LinkedIn offers high value leads.

Connect With Specific Individuals Within Your Targeted Audience

Whether you are looking to attract valuable leads or potential candidates for your business, LinkedIn provides a competitive solution. LinkedIn offers different targeting options for your ad campaign. Because of the valuable information that its audience shares on their personal accounts, you can target that audience who fits your business. LinkedIn also stops sending your message to inactive users, so you can reach only the people who matter.

Create A Variety Of Ads

Another benefit of using LinkedIn is its ad options. You can use text, images and videos when you advertise on LinkedIn. LinkedIn ad formats include: sponsored content, sponsored InMail, video ads, dynamic ads, carousel ads and display ads. Every ad type offers a different benefit. However, the advantage of using LinkedIn ads is that you have the opportunity to update your campaign to a different ad type. You can use dynamic ads if you want a more personalized approach to your ad campaign or carousel ads for a visual approach to advertising. You can review the different ad formats before you launch your ad campaign to find the one that fits your purpose.

Why Is LinkedIn Advertising Important?

LinkedIn is a large social media platform and 50% of its users have a college degree. Advertising on LinkedIn is important for businesses that want to grow online. They can connect with a professional audience and generate qualified leads. Putting updates constantly and sharing engaging content will create brand awareness for your business. This will drive more sales for your business and make it come to their minds when they are making a purchase. LinkedIn is also the best platform to connect with decision makers. You can reach a professional audience who is eager to grow your business.

Why Do You Need To Hire A LinkedIn Advertising Agency?

Due to its professional audience, advertising on LinkedIn also requires a professional content that can capture their attention. A LinkedIn advertising agency has experts who know how to approach your desired audience and make your brand differ from your competitors. They create a unique and original content that describes your brand in the best way. A LinkedIn advertising agency is important for your marketing strategy. They connect your business with the right audience and launch a successful ad campaign on your behalf.

Why Choose Us As A LinkedIn Marketing Agency?

Our agency will develop a marketing strategy that fits your business and accomplish your goal.

Unique LinkedIn Content

Our team will create a unique content that will set the tone of your business among your audience. They will also develop an original content that captures the attention of your audience and increases their engagement with your ads.

Boost Brand Awareness

We will share great content that describes your brand in the best possible way. By developing a tailored targeting we will advertise your content at the audience that matters. This will boost your brand awareness and gain your business trust among your potential customers.

Increase Engagement

Our agency has a professional team with years of experience on this platform. They know how to develop and optimize the most successful LinkedIn campaign. They will display your content to the right audience and increase their engagement with your ads.

Account Manager

Our agency also provides account managing and monitoring. We will monitor the engagement of your audience with your LinkedIn shared content such as comment, likes or direct messages. This will give them a satisfying experience and develop valuable relationships with them.

Our LinkedIn Marketing Process

We develop a marketing process that meets your needs and requirements.

LinkedIn Marketing Strategy

Before creating your ad content and launching your campaign we will research the market. Our LinkedIn specialists will gather information from your business, your competitors and your targeted audience. This will help us to better understand your goals and the needs of your audience. Following this information, we will develop the best ad campaign that will accomplish your ultimate goal.

LinkedIn Content Creation

Our team will create a unique and original content that is captivating. This content will capture the attention of your audience and increase their engagement with your ads.

LinkedIn Page Growth

Our agency also offers LinkedIn page growth at a short amount of time. We will develop an audience around your LinkedIn account and increase your web traffic.

LinkedIn Monitoring

While your LinkedIn ad campaign is live, our team will be constantly monitoring. They will distinguish the high performing ads and low performing ads. Our professionals will make adjustments to your ad campaign to have the best possible results at the end of it.

LinkedIn Reporting

We will provide you with detailed reports at the end of each month. You will be able to see the process of your LinkedIn ad campaign and the effort of our work. We will also be in touch constantly to make sure we are on the same page and accomplish your additional requirements.

FAQs about LinkedIn Advertising Services

LinkedIn is a social media network with more than 500 million active users. The major part of its users have a professional background and seek to connect with companies that need their services.

LinkedIn advertising is very important for businesses that want to connect with a professional audience. They can reach their potential customers and display their message directly to them.

Hiring a LinkedIn advertising agency can help your business benefit from their experience and developing the right approach to a successful marketing strategy.

LinkedIn ads work on the same system as other ad platforms. They work on a bidding system that can be seen by your targeted audience.

LinkedIn ad formats include: sponsored content, sponsored InMail, video ads, dynamic ads, carousel ads and display ads. Every ad type offers a different benefit and you have the opportunity to update your campaign to a different ad type.

Here are the seven steps to LinkedIn advertising:

  • Choose Self-Service or Managed Campaigns.
  • Get Started with Campaign Manager.
  • Choose Your Ad Format.
  • Create Your Ads.
  • Target Your Ads.
  • Set Your Budget.
  • Measure and Optimize.

For self-service ads available through Campaign Manager, the minimum costs are: $10 daily budget per campaign and $10 total budget per campaign.

Some of the best practices to optimize the performance of your LinkedIn ad campaigns are: creating compelling content, testing your ad variations, targeting the right audience and setting a competitive bid.