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Cartoon Character & Comics Design Studio in New York and New Jersey | BDGrow

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Cartoon Character & Comics Design Services

Looking for a professional company in New York or New Jersey to support you with your cartoon character design services? You are exactly where you should be. With a team of experienced graphic designers, we are able to provide our clients with end-to-end cartoon graphic design solutions that not only offer the best quality but even the best expertise to meet all your requirements. Our cartoon design can support you from scratch until your characters get to live. From scripting to sketching, our team can build the most awesome character model for your comic book. Fully supporting your story and giving life to your special protagonists and antagonists.

Our comic character design experts can make villains look as good as the heroes with our award-winning graphic design services. Making the comic book design look as impressive as it has never been looked at before. Focusing on giving life to the smallest detail while creating your comic book character with our innovative technologies and superb software design expertise. From 3D animations, 2D, book covers, hand-drawn sketching, and illustration, you can always rely on our cartoon design studio.

As professional cartoon developers, we are able to tailor amazing comic book covers that boost the attraction and help you improve your sales. No matter if you are choosing to give life to humans, animals, amazing landscapes, cars, buildings, – you choose it, we can get you there with our studio creating solutions. Choose the best comic art team to create a character and give life to every detail with our animation studio.

How Does BDGrow Create Cartons?

Before we start working with our clients, as experienced software developers we make them fully understand our design process. This way you know what you want, how you want it, and we can reach all your requests with maximal precision.


Together, we discuss about the story that you want to share with your target audience. Learn about your objectives and create a strategy of creating the identity of each character in the best way possible. No matter if it is a protagonist or antagonist, we draw comic arts the best way possible.

Story Writing

To design the best comic book styles, we follow a story. This provides us with the right information and all the objectives that we need to follow to be able to design the best cartoon characters for your comic book. Once we have agreed upon something, we will follow that course of actions until the end.

Script Writing

Converting each idea into an amazing script to boost the capabilities of spreading your message better than ever before. This way we focus on your story and tailor characters based on the primary narrator. At all times you will have the support of our professional copywriters to craft the best script at any time you need assistance.