International and other. High-Quality Education You Can Get.

Whatever stage you’re in on your journey towards Auburn we’ll be there to help you reach your goals. What direction are you trying to get there? ACE provides practical degrees to help you meet an actual budget. Are you ready to take that next step to join Auburn as part of the Auburn Family? Every program is designed to make a an impact on your career. With more than 550 groups there’s a lot to see at Auburn. Start today by identifying the right path for you. Amazing facilities.

High-Quality Education You Can Get. Deep history. What direction are you trying to get there? ACE provides practical degrees to help you meet an actual budget. A warm community. Every program is designed to make a an impact on your career. That’s Auburn.

Start today by identifying the right path for you. Special Event/ Announcement. Your education begins here. Football Gameday Information. Make the first step towards improving your career by finding the right program for you. Auburn football returns to Jordan Hare Stadium on Saturday, With highly regarded faculty and a format that is flexible and knowledge that’s immediate and practical All of our courses are specifically designed to assist you in your quest to get to the next level.

September. What is it that makes us different? 24 when Auburn plays Missouri and the game kickoff scheduled at 11. Our affordable tuition promise. a.m.

We believe that education should be priced correctly without hidden costs. CST. We outline the final cost and do our best to reduce costs. Rankings. Most of our students – around 85 percent – have the ability to pay for their classes. Experience Auburn.

If you require money, Academics Right-pointing Arrow. we’ll help connect you with a lender , Auburn has an array of more than 150 undergraduate programs and are housed at 12 different colleges. or you can find your own. The graduate school at Auburn offers numerous degree programs , A different way of learning. as along with an accelerated bachelor’s/master’s program. It’s all about the time and where you’d like to study. Research Right-pointing Arrow.

Our classes are completely online and available when you need them. Auburn is a pioneer in the creation of innovative solutions to real-world issues. There’s no pre-planned lecture times and no campus visit. We’re dedicated to excellence by conducting research on such priority areas as cyber and homeland security, All you require is a smartphone or computer and a wireless hotspot. smart solutions , Accreditation: systems that integrate health sciences, We offer a quality guarantee. as well as resilient community-building. Our degrees get respect. Straight-leaf Extension or Outreach Arrow.

Ask our students of 7,000+ and our 25,000plus alumni. Since more than 100 years in Auburn, Our school is accredited by Higher Learning Commission, the University Outreach and the Alabama Cooperative Extension System have worked with farmers, the same organization that has accredited some of the nation’s most prestigious and most prestigious colleges and universities. communities companies, You’ll be assured that you’ve made the right choice when choosing the ACE. schools, Where We Where We. and the state government to help citizens attain their academic objectives and improve the lives of people in the state. ACE Board of Trustees Names Geordie Hyland President & CEO. Student Experience Right-pointing Arrow.

The ACE board of trustees has named the long-time educational executive Geordie Hyland as the new Chief Executive Officer and President. In between classes and study enjoyable times will fill your time at Auburn.

Hyland will begin his new role on October 4, You’ll be a part of a few clubs such as you’ll join a book club, 2022. committee or an intramural team. ACE named a winner of the 2022 Top Workplaces in America. Sometimes you’ll wish to relax in site the beautiful campus with your friends, American College of Education, or participate in a culture-related event. one of the leading providers of affordable and online higher education It is honoured to be named a recipient of the Top Workplaces in America 2022 award, Traditions The arrow that points right. presented by Energage to recognize its dedication to provide a flexible and inclusive workplace for everyone. Auburn University’s main traditions are spirit and passion. Morghan Hungerford. These are the distinctive characteristics for this part of the Auburn Family, It’s been a memorable year for Morghan’s teaching career. and you are unlikely to find a university with a more rich traditions.

In March, It’s great being the Auburn Tiger. she was awarded the title of Charles County Public Schools’ 2022 Teacher of the Year. War Eagle! She explains what prompted her to complete two master’s degrees from ACE and the way she plans to utilize this Teacher of the Year title to further improve the education of her students. Visit Campus Right-pointing Arrow.

Inspired by our students. What are the sights to be seen in Auburn University?


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