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Video and Animation Services

Animated videos are one of today’s preferred techniques for communicating ideas and concepts. Animation has evolved a lot in recent years. This is thanks to technology, hardware and software that nowadays make the work of animation professionals much easier. An animated video can be in many ways and have many forms, it can have a multitude of styles and can be made following different techniques (motion graphics, drawing, stopmotion…) all this depends on the final video you want to obtain.

Why should I include video services in my project?

Animated videos are the most original and fun way to explain the advantages of your service or product through a short story, nothing better to express your ideas and concepts than connecting with your audience and transmitting the best of your brand.

Do you need something that differentiates you from the rest?

Yes, everyone needs an identity of their own, something memorable that our audience will be able to remember, the mix is very functional in these cases. Touching all the senses of the public we can connect better.

Is any type of video suitable?

The answer is no, each brand or company must prioritize their ideals and needs to adapt to it, with this in mind, choosing is simpler, in the same way the most appropriate is to seek the help of an expert who in addition to being in charge of carrying out the project is able to advise you.

Some of the most used videos by companies are:

Corporate videos

These are the videos that revolve around companies and SMEs. They are used to present their values or services as a general presentation.

Promotional videos

This type of video is used to inform about a single product or service. Its message is more direct and concise, generating value and creating impact on the viewer.

Explanatory videos

Animations that explain a complex subject in an easy and visual way. Perfect for explaining any kind of concept, idea, service or company.

Videos for Startups

These are animations that aim to inform in an easy and visual way about a complex subject. They are used as knowledge pieces or as communication tools for new companies or Start-ups.

Interactive Videos

These are videos that transform the “passive” viewer into an active user who gets involved and takes part in the action. It is an ideal solution to capture leads or to create engagement through interactive experiences. However, the fact that these are the most used does not mean that they are functional for everyone, this resource is useful and practical, but just as it can be positive it may not be, it’s necessary a expert.