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Explainer Video & Animation Services

Looking for the best explainer video & animation company in New York and Ney Jersey? Or you are looking for the best prices? BDGrow confirms positively that you are at the right place. Have you always wanted to create memories or ideas into a fantastic animation video? It is time to express your ideas in the most amazing way possible. Together we can create stunning video animations and express feelings with the purpose to get the expected reactions and attention of viewers.

We use high-quality software that creates the possibility to work with static visual images and export them as unique moving videos. Not only do we create animation from the scratch using our ideas, but we also turn your brand visuals into a beautiful logo animation with the purpose of improving the first impact of viewers.

Our video animation services are not based on using ready templates from the software. Each one of them is drawn by our skilled graphic designers. The software is used to create motion graphics and enhance the effects. The total video production process will be unique and the work is going to be 100% authentic.

Our video animation agency has the right experience to all kinds of important animated video production, may it be for mobile phones custom hand-drawn, 2D animation, 3D animation, or any kind of motion graphics for any application, website, or social media.

Custom Created Animations

It is time to create a moving animation for your brand logo, intro, or any kind of innovative video idea you may have for your viewers. Benefit from our experience in video animation producing and our skilled graphic designers who will draw handle each of your projects. Every business it’s trying to modernize their marketing videos by creating simple, yet, very effective and nice to watch animation videos. We offer custom animation services for all kinds of tasks that you may put us into.

Our Animation Services

2D Video Animations

Work with a professional video animation company to craft an amazing 2-Dimensional (2D) clip for your company. We will implement all the visual images just like on your idea. Using the colors that will be impressive for the eye of viewers and optimizing the best motion effects, characters transition, creatures, and backgrounds. All of our work will be drawn by hand before we integrate it on powerful software to give life to your idea and turn it into a stunning 2D animation video.

3D Video Animations

Impress your audience by offering them stunning 3D animated videos describing your special services and products. Our 3D graphics will catch the attention of your audience by offering something interesting that they have never seen before. Your traffic will start to increase and you will witness a return of investment from the revenue increment.

Explainer Animated Videos

The purpose of creating an explainer automated video is to provide information that may be a little too advanced for some kind of audience, in a short, simple video, that will explain your product or services to all kinds of audiences. This will eliminate uncertainties about products and services that your brand offers and will build trust at your customers. People will start to understand that you care about the way they see your products and services and they love that. Customers always love to see that you return appreciation to them by creating unique explaining animated videos.

Commercial Animated Videos

Start creating commercial video animations to advertise like never before for your small business or large company. Create a short animation video that will inform your potential viewers about the attributes of your brand and the positive outcomes that bring over time. Our video marketing team will make sure to introduce your product effectively to a mass audience, to assure market growth, to raise the sales numbers, and to outperform your top competitors. Our team reaches your goals by providing high quality commercial animated videos with amazing 2D or 3D textures that will attract all kinds of viewers.

Social Media

Knowing how much impact videos provide to social media profiles, how much user engagement they attract to businesses. We have created the most effective solution to keep your audience “stuck” at your social media pages. By creating stunning animation videos that will look perfectly of social networking applications and websites, but never lose their quality. In each video, we make sure to implement the credentials of the brand with the purpose of increasing brand recognition and awareness online. Maximize your potential revenue and increase your brand value online, while improving the return of investment maximally. Keep your audience entertained all the time!

Why to Choose Our Video Animation Company?

Competitive Pricing

Back in the old days creating animated videos was kind of hard, the software was not that advanced and most of the work required many working hours to give life to animations. That’s why prices were higher than today. Our company evolved alongside the internet and modern software. That’s why we offer competitive prices for video animation services. We make sure that all of our clients find affordable prices, no matter if they want a simple, or advanced video.

Many Years of Experience

Our passion and dedication have been our main quality over the years as an Explainer Video & Animation Company in New York & New Jersey. Delivering many successful video animations to our clients and reaching their expectations has made us leaders in this industry. Trust our experience and dedication to reach your goals and create effective animated videos for all your requirements.


Most of our clients started working with us because of the possibilities that we make true. Our goal has been simple since day one, to turn into reality the most demanding tasks of our clients. Whatever task that our competitors failed to deliver, we will make sure to reach it maximally. We don’t know the meaning of the word “No”.

FAQs about Explainer & Animated Videos

The cost of each video varies on the amount of time required to complete it and the requirements that our clients need. No pricing can be given without having the right information about the project.

We do use softwares, but only to create the effects, transitions, characters and the work that is made possible by them. But the visuals are created all by hand drawn graphic designers with the required qualifications.

It can happen as fast as a couple of days and or may last even months. Of course, the time is affected by the work required to create the video, time, and effects.

We create animation videos for all kinds of industries. May it be commercial, educational, fashion, healthcare, technology, finance, insurance and many others.