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Live Action Explainer Company in New York and New Jersey

We Bring a Wide Variety of Design Options and Emotional Tacticts
Let’s create a killer live-action explainer, right way!
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Live Action Explainer Video Services

Since 2009 we have been creating amazing live-action explainer videos for our clients based on their services and products. This way we have boosted their profiles and channels in eCommerce platforms like Amazon, eBay, and Shopify for all kinds of services and products. You can get more professional, deliver better information to your customers and build a video that evokes more interactions and engagements.

By building live explainer videos with the help of our professionals, you can make your viewers feel smarter, and convey the message in a much shorter time. Guaranteeing to bring your ideas to life and share them with millions of people through smart targeting at the desired platforms. We are specialists trained and certified in combining a diversity of footage whether it is animated or cinematic in order to build an incredible, informative, and top-quality live-action explainer.

By trusting our live explainers, you choose to build better content for your platforms and inform your audiences the right way. Whether you seek more traffic, better awareness, or boosting your sales. We can get it done, the right way! Our live-action explainer video creation company offers the services that are suitable to your requirements. Let’s create a killer live-action explainer, the right way!

Make Your Live Explainer Videos Look Magical

Knowing the right purpose of the explainer video, it’s normal to seek more, and find the best team to support your ideas. Absolutely, we can make this process as seamless and easy as it can get. Providing opportunities to build unique, and fully customized live explainer videos in just a couple of minutes of consultation. Turning every single idea into amazing footage for your audiences. Whatever quality you have seen before, we can make it better!

Explain the smart way

It seems to be very challenging not to implement too many details when presenting a topic to your audience. And in the blink of an eye, it can get really messy to analyze, organize, and present all that info in a single video. That is why we handpick the best moments for your footage, finding the best elements, making them precise and very informative. But in this process, the most important goal is to make your video attractive. Make it a worthy explainer to watch, and tempting to keep watching.

Think of your live explainer as your James Bond – analyze, get the right info, and act fast. Processing with effectivity and maximal efficiency. Choose the right topic, stick to that, and let’s kaboom the sh*t of interactions and attention online.

Start as Titan, Move as Lightning

To get the most of it, focusing on making the first seconds attractive and engaging is the most essential task of creating a live explainer video online. In just a few seconds, you need to catch the right attention from the viewer. Make them stare at what you’re presenting. Keep them persuaded with your fantastic content, built from the best professionals. If what they see is relevant to what they expect there are no chances of skipping or closing the video. Making this a super effective strategy for your marketing or brand expansion.

The First Seconds Count

Once you learn about the focus of your audience, making those first second’s count is more than important. If you know exactly where your explainer is pin-pointed you can create a better-organized campaign based on accurate demographics and well-chosen filters. Increasing the chances for more engagements getting more value out of your investment.

Why Choose Us

Our live-action explainer video services have been providing professional support and top-quality solutions for more than a decade. Our experience and knowledge place us on another level.


When it comes to creating live-action explainers online, creativity is the most important factor. You have to think innovative, be unique, and present something new. That’s why working with real artists brings more benefits than you can think of.