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Visual Effects Services in New York and New Jersey | Hire Certified VFX Specialist

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Visual Effects Services | Hire Certified VFX Specialist

Visual Effects are the process of creating or manipulating any on-screen imagery. The use of VFX Effects are at the heart of modern feature films, commercials, or even video games production and has been increasing exponentially over the past few decades, helping to create scenarios that otherwise would have been impossible, such as revive dinosaurs like in Jurassic Park or fight scenes, like in The Avengers.

Despite the common confusion, visual effects VFX is not the same as special effects SFX. Unlike VFX, SFX are realized on set and they are things like fake rain, prosthetic makeup, fake gunshot wounds, and pyrotechnics.

A certified FX specialist can create amazing environments, creatures, objects, and even people that are unthinkable in real life. Our company can offer you the best visual effects in a very flexible way.

We are leaders in Visual Effects Services

Our company is a visual effects agency certified with thousands of clients all over the world. We can create for you photoreal, digital-generated imagery integrating digital effects, 3D modeling, video effects, computer animation, and more!

Advanced VFX Technology

Keep up with the latest in visual effects tools and the constant improvement and refinement of our techniques give us a prominent role in the fast-growing film and game industries.

The digital domain is based on new technologies, that’s why we use headway computer-generated imagery (CGI), and particular VFX software such as Houdini, Clarisse iFX, Maxon Cinema 4D, Maya, Nuke, Syntheyes, 3Ds Max, Boujou, After Effects, Photoshop, and more, to make an academy award result.

Amazing Team

We are staffed with astounding VFX supervisors and visual effects creator teams facing creative challenges within their field of art and design, including research of aesthetic, technical, and conceptual knowledge. Our group has vast experience working with different art styles and genres, from pen and ink to 2D color and 3D model renderings.

An Awe-Inspiring Portfolio

At our company, our VFX portfolio is a place with a touch of magic, where you can see the unreal appear real as something natural within the shot. There, you can see the powerful storytelling tools we use to create more engaging stories in our video productions. Our VFX portfolio has a wide variety of examples of the many directions a creative production can take, as well as the different techniques to enhance a video.

How does our VFX fit into your production?

The process of visual effects is similar to an assembly line where each worker finishes just one part of the whole product. Every process in our company is designed based on your content and the type of work to be done. For a macro view, there are 3 stages:


For VFX, pre-production involves all the activities used to define the basis of a new project. Usually means research, concept design, and choosing the color palettes. Sketches, matte painting work, and pre-visualization created in 2D, 3D video are important first drafts that are presented to the client and used for the production work to come.


In this segment, all the digital source is created, evolving raw content from planning to building, using photos, drawings, and 3D rendering with the goal of defining how digital assets might have to be incorporated in post-production.


This is usually the largest part of a project since in this stage occurs the texturing, video editing, color correction, and other final tasks, putting all the work together to a final version.

What types of visual effects do we do?

The principal types of VFX can be included in the following categories:


Computer Generated Imagery usually refers to 3D modeling and the digital creation of real things like an animated crowd filling a football stadium or those that don’t exist like ogres and dragons. CGI is used all through blockbuster productions and it is an important tool to bring ideas to the screen.


Can be defined as the combination of multiple elements into a single image, commonly using the green screen technique in a process called chroma keying. This visual effect system requires filming with a solid-colored screen that our compositors later replaced by living effects and rich digital background.

Motion capture

Shortly called mocap, the point of this technology is to digitally capture a character or camera’s movement. This movement is captured by cameras which provide a data-set of points that is then mapped onto a 3D generated model. This technique gives you every nuance of motion, even little gestures or the sense of weight.

What VFX Service do we provide?

As a first-line visual effects services company, we provide innovation and the highest quality to create storytelling that helps every project to reach its full potential. In that way, our main VFX services can be classified into: