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Website Creative Services

Nowadays, having a website gives us credibility and visibility with potential customers or users as well. Making it the same in search engines, hence the importance of creating a website with a structure in which the content is relevant and interesting to users. Are you thinking of creating a project and need to design a website? Or do you already have a website and want to make a redesign to give it a new look with fresh and innovative touches?

Look no further, you are in the right place. Having a creative website is essential for several reasons. On the one hand, the first impression makes the customers stay on your site if he likes what he sees so you need o surprise the user who comes to your site and does not know you and on the other hand, the more innovative and organic your website is, the more you will differentiate yourself from your competitors and stand out from the rest. Remember that without a website no one will be able to find you and that means that sales can go down.

It doesn’t matter if you are a small or big company or if your market is international, national or local: having a web page will allow you to make your benefits and products known in a simpler way.

What is the use of developing a web application?

The development of the web applications allows you to be accessible and visible from any browser no matter what the device. Moreover, contrary to what happens with other applications which we call “native” that need to be downloaded. For that reason you will not find them in the app stores such as Play Store or Apple Store, but they will appear in the results of search engines such as Google or Bing. This means that you don’t need to be connected to access them and makes them very practical because you don’t have to download anything to access them.

Having a web application allows users to access all kinds of information quickly and easily, in addition to connecting more with the public as they tend to be interactive. Since every day we have the need to consult something or new doubts arise, the development of web applications is essential to create tools which have become indispensable today. If you are interested in developing your own web application, contact us and we will help you to do it.

It should be noted that practically every day we navigate in some web application, because if you still did not know Amazon or even are some os the many web applications that we use every day. That is why the importance of this type of format if you want to boost your brand.
On the other hand, on a technical level, the first thing you should know is that because web applications run on a web server everything you do on them is processed and stored inside a database by a browser. Your device receives the information from this type of applications in HTML5 format and for the database SQL Server or MySql is usually used. The technologies to develop this type of web has evolved in recent years and receives improvements over time which makes it easier and easier to create and make them reality.

Taking into account all this, the web application also have specific functions such as:

Internal management

This is used to manage or direct certain internal processes within the web application such as users, staff or even serves to keep the accounting.

User services

Different types of user services can be used to create interfaces that users can use to manage their process work, they also direct some access permissions to the different contents.

Work tools

Work tools such as Intranet must be applied because they are constantly changing and updating. Companies require efficiente web pages, with a design that meets the needs of users and potential customers.

Quality control tools

Quality control is the set of tools used to detect the presence of errors.

Communication tools

A website can contain specialized tools that allow communication between the user and the information as well as personalized communications.

Web tools

Web tools are all those hosted on the Internet, generally free that facilitate all kinds of work on the network such as online sales management, search engines, virtual stores, among others.

Structure of a web application

Although there are many possible variations for a web application to work, the following elements are required: