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Android App Development Services

Have you always wanted to boost your business digitally and increase profits like never before? Our team connects people with their goals when it comes to digital solutions by providing the best android app development services. Our company makes sure that all the expectations you have about growing your profits online are met. Reach all the people who use android devices and are interested in the services you provide them, reach all your customers faster than ever before.


It is time to consider android app development if you want to take advantage of an active 2.5 billion android users around the world. It sounds crazy, but it is true. You can reach all those people with your application. No matter the location, they are one click away from having your android app on their phone. Our Android App Development Company in New York and New Jersey guarantees that people will choose your product over all other competitors because of the professional design, fast loading times, easy navigation for all ages, responsibility on all devices, and the best security updates.


Building Android applications based on experience and passion, we know how the digital market works and have the right knowledge to boost your app through Google play store. The goal-reaching of our clients is the main focus of our team. We believe in the vision and the fantasy of our clients and create unique applications just like fantasized.


We are helping customers build apps for all kinds of business categories, no matter how small or large the business is. Our team develops apps based on the best programming languages like Kotlin and Java to create unique and outstanding applications for all kinds of audiences.


Our services offer a wide area of support across all android devices, starting with Android phones, Android Tablets, Android TV, Android Wear. Expand the borders of your services more than all your competitors and become number one for your niche and category.

BDGrow Can Deliver the Results That You Need

By combining different aspects and solutions to a single marketing strategy, we can deliver the results you need from every campaign. With the most skilled marketing team that you can find, we can get your business, company, or organization ahead of your competition in no time. Whether you seek organic, paid, or combined results. We can make it happen like no other.

As a leader in SEO, we can come up with the right solutions to any of your marketing requirements. Providing the most professional assistance related to PPC, social media, marketplaces, design services, and top-quality traffic from targeted audiences.

Processes That Make BDGrow Leader


Performing deep analysis of all categories related to your business online and analyzing competition to study strengths and weaknesses. Creating effective strategies to develop a unique application after the discovery process.

Programming Languages

Most people speak English, but our team can speak and understand the programming language. With the right experience and dedication, we know all the top strengths of Kotlin and Java programming languages. The excellence of our skills in programming languages is what brings the most incredible user experience to the applications that we develop and the satisfaction of our clients. Let us work together, and we will deliver an unmatched quality of work and the expected satisfaction at the end of the project.


Being experts in java and Kotlin programming language, we can bring amazing results when it comes to android SDK and android NDK services. Building apps that are robust and that can improve engagement at all times. We analyze, emulate, edit your application even before the release of the final product.


Our company connects the best programming software with the android studio to provide the best solutions at the end of our work and monitor the job by adding milestones that are easier to manage. This can express a lot about the level of our dedication and professionalism; there are very few companies who go through this process only to make their workflow more understandable.


All the android applications developed by our company are 100% based on the Kotlin and java programming languages and fully integrated with Google Material Design. The skills we possess with programming languages give us the possibility to implement moving effects, graphics, cool & unique animations, and transitions that will make your android application exceptional for the user experience.


The database is part of our android app development process and we generate high quality performing databases from android and SQLite to storage and shuffle information safely and fast. The database is used perfectly from our team but we also offer Realm if our clients prefer this database more than SQLite. Trust our backend developers to connect your android application the best way with the database.


The finance business is improving with time, so are the people who use financial services. Nowadays most of the transactions are made through phones and all the services or products can be accessed or purchased from mobile phones. Even financial services have improved a lot since the days. We highly advise our clients to stay with the flow of time and evolve with it if they want to maintain the results, they always desired. To keep the best results and boost your financial business, we offer android app development with the purpose of increasing your financial business visibility online.


Imagine how amazing it would be to create events with a single click on your phone. Yes, it is very possible to do that. Having an Events business raises the necessity to have an application for android devices. Let all your customers see the amazing products and service your offer by downloading your event application on their phone. Increase your sales and reservations by providing your customers with easier and modern solutions for their needs. It is time for your business to improve digitally. Let us improve together by developing an android application.


Developing a new method called SaaS for all our interested clients. Software as Service is the process of providing customers with applications just like a service. This proves our clients a new way of delivering that has no cost for software maintenance or hardware. Your customers only have to access it through the internet. This method is very profitable and requires no maintenance or updates. To have a better idea of a SaaS application think about bank systems. They are reliable and 100% safe but also used by a wide area of population. If SaaS is what you are after, our team has the right experience in developing SaaS software.


Developing all kinds of entertainment applications for all android devices. Reach a massive population of people (more than 2.5 billion active users) who use android devices and boost your entertaining application with the right marketing strategy. Let us deliver top-quality solutions for audio and video upload & streaming online with the purpose of building an entertainment app for android like never before. Satisfy your customers by adding new functionalities that they love. Every task thrown at our team is possible to develop successfully.


Stop providing your customers with old-fashioned marketing ways to promote your travel business or travel agency. Create a Travel android application and benefit from the popularity of the google play store and users who use android devices. Reach all this large audience by providing them with a unique application built to attract customers with the special graphic design, user interface, architecture, and the amazing design. Let us help with growing your travel business digitally more than all your competitors.

UI/UX Design

Considering UI/UX design an essential process of the app development for android platforms, we guarantee a simple but fantastic user interface integrated with a superb optimized user experience to make the navigation on your site flawless. Knowing the importance of this process, we deliver quality designs that people will love.


Site navigation is absolutely a step that needs to be completed carefully in order to achieve a beautiful architecture for the eye, and a pure surf for all ages—knowing the right solutions to make your app simple to navigate to use without losing the beautiful, unique design that will be implemented in the developing process. In the end, we will present a site with an outstanding architecture that will stand unique for its category.


We are offering front end and back end developing services that are unmatched in the industry of android app development, creating new functionalities by pure coding skills that will impress our clients but even the application users. We have the right knowledge to integrate your android app to review all the code and perform full testing to provide quality that cannot be matched by any of our competitors.

Play Store Submission

Performing play store submission for the android application that we develop. Offering the best enterprise distribution for all kinds of businesses and also the best security when it comes to IT solutions like Mobile Device Management services.

Post Launch Services

Monitoring app after publishing it for possible crashes and issues that can lead later to crashing. Providing our clients with detailed analytics about how their app is performing and how our expected objectives are improving each month. Our team will take care of all the engagement by providing the best support possible but also will help with supporting the marketing strategy or advertising campaigns. This process will keep your application on top at all times.

We Guarantee

Verified Performance

With a full team of professionals, we have taken digital marketing solutions to a different level. With performances and results that have surpassed expectations and objectives of the biggest potential clients worldwide. We stand as the bridge between your dream goals and SUCCESS. Fully certified with the most significant partners like Google, Facebook, Bing, Amazon, and more, we possess the abilities that will be your best ally in ROI.

Excellent ROI Monitoring

No need to spend many hours and days analyzing the campaigns that you paid for. Our experts can analyze, track, and create accurate and 100% transparent reports of your ROI performance for different aspects. You will have access to your personal optimized dashboard 24/7 and professional support anytime. Providing dedicated assistance for every single detail of your organic or paid investment. No matter the platform.

Unmatched Customer Satisfaction

Possessing a record streak of hundreds of 5-star reviews from clients worldwide. Being up to 500% higher in rank than our local competitors. Our solutions and digital marketing services are created, adjusted, and optimized for maximal satisfaction. No matter what you require, you will always receive award-winning assistance and the best recipe for success.

Supreme Digital Marketing Specialists

Besides being fully certified with the best grades from every institution, we offer unmatched experience and knowledge as digital marketing professionals. With a history of success that follows more than ten years and still counting. We are ready to impact all your objectives, seek the best results for your business, and achieve your brand’s most tremendous potential on a local or global scale.

What Industries are supported by our Android App Development Company


The Healthcare category is widely supported by our android app development and our team knows the top strengths of this industry from our past experiences. We build healthcare android apps to connect people who are looking for solutions faster than ever, only by downloading an application on their phone.


Creating an all-inclusive on-demand android application to connect you easier than ever before with your audience. Increase your return on investment by working with an experienced software developing company.


Our android app developing company creates the best e-Scooter applications that are reliable to the customers on all locations. They will be easy to use and the app architecture will be multi-functional. App features like in-app purchases, GPS localization, or barcode scanning will always be implemented, and much more unique features that other companies never provide.

Start building your e-Scooter ecological application with the help of our mobile developers and impress the world.

Social Media

Social Media is one of the most unique apps that exist nowadays. The ability to promote products and services is incredible. People share information together and that information is connected and controlled in a very effective way to increase the impact of your application. Now for many years, our team is very experienced in developing social media applications, but even optimizing them. After studying the most successful social application we have the right knowledge and programming skills to boost your digital empire.

Mobile Learning

Build your mobile learning app for android and provide users with services that they really need. Use the right marketing strategy to hit the audience that is interested in mobile learning applications, and you will create a digital presence like never before. Our team covers the mobile learning android app development, beautiful design, and unique site architecture to stand out for the category of your application. Your app will be secure for users and safe from hackers.


Restaurants nowadays are modernizing and owners are improving their digital marketing solutions day by day. Think about the privileges of your business if people can see the menus from an app or ever reserve their table from their smartphone. Not only that customers would love this kind of service, but it will separate your restaurant from other competitors. In the eyes of your competitors, your business will look more professional and serious, after all, this is what we all appreciate when we choose our favorite restaurant. Increase the reputation of your restaurant and start developing your android application with the help of our professional mobile app developers.

Mobile Commerce

The increase in people who use android devices is increasing the number of people who need mobile commerce apps for their phones or tablets. Why lose the potential audience that your app can have? Let’s create a Mobile Commerce application together with your ideas and our skills.

FAQs Android App Development Services

You should create an android application to take advantage of 2.5 billion active users this platform has, to build a better brand image and to boost your company profits from online sources. For many more benefits, feel always free to contact our company.

That cannot be said, because both are very special and have very big popularity. What can be said is that the android platform is a little larger than the iOS platform with currently 2.5 billion users around the world. Although this does not affect the preferences of the users.

Yes, since our work is totally custom made and we provide solutions based on the requests of our clients there is only one way to achieve results, that is made possible by coding. We never use ready templates for your android applications.

Mostly we use java language since it is the most used and recognized programming language worldwide but we also use kotlin. In both programming languages our skills are unmatched with our competitors and we bring satisfaction to our clients.

Yes we offer maintenance for all android applications that we develop even months after the product is delivered. It is very precious to our team to keep a good relationship with our clients over time. That is why our maintenance and customer support is open 24/7.