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Magento Development Services

Hire the best Magento development company in New York and New Jersey and start creating websites that stand out as the best e-commerce solution. No matter what business category you serve, Magento is a perfect choice. It suits perfectly any business category and provides the best innovative solutions that help businesses grow larger every day. Magento is not like other kinds of platforms. It offers flexible solutions that not only will make your website different but will also give it the best boost to grow rapidly.

Powered by PHP says almost everything about the quality, reliability, and optimization that the Magento platform offers. That’s why it is trusted about millions of users around the world. Not only written on PHP but also using multiple modern PHP frameworks. Hiring a Magento Developer from our company will be the best choice for your business. We will upgrade your site with the best features available for the category of your business. Create new effective solutions and increase the standards of your business.

Our goal is to create the best user experience for our clients when it comes to Magento development. That’s why we create the most user-friendly interfaces in order for all your customers to fully interact with your site. By finding easy functionalities your customers will be happy and your profits will increase.

BDGrow Can Deliver the Results That You Need

By combining different aspects and solutions to a single marketing strategy, we can deliver the results you need from every campaign. With the most skilled marketing team that you can find, we can get your business, company, or organization ahead of your competition in no time. Whether you seek organic, paid, or combined results. We can make it happen like no other.

As a leader in SEO, we can come up with the right solutions to any of your marketing requirements. Providing the most professional assistance related to PPC, social media, marketplaces, design services, and top-quality traffic from targeted audiences.

Our Magento Services

Reliable Magento 1 to Magento 2 Migration

Migrating from Magento 1 to Magento 2 is the best choice you can make for your site when it comes to newer updates of security and features. But this process sometimes is a stress for the site owners because they need to be guaranteed a reliable migration in order so any data is not damaged along the way. That’s why we are here, to provide you with the most reliable Magento 1 to Magento 2 migration. Trusting our Magento developers will be the ideal choice for your business.

Magento Website Audit

If you already have Magento implemented on your site but you believe something is not going very well, it is time for a Magento website audit. Stop stressing yourself about this kind of process that is impossible to perform by yourself. No matter if you have a pre-made Magento website, we can provide you with the most professional Magento website audit. This process will identify all the issues with your Magento website and our team deliver a clear report to you. Of course, in case you need us to fix them for you, we are more than ready to help.

Magento Development Services

At our company, we have given priority hiring the most skilled and experienced Magento developers. Those who have the right knowledge of this kind of service are part of our company. That’s why we provide the highest quality and the best standards of Magento Development services. Choosing our Magento 2 development services means that all the ideas of your business will come to life and you will be granted with custom, innovative solutions to help your business grow online. Trust our years of experience and maximize all your expectations by working together.

Magento Extension Development

Extension development is one of our Magento specialties. Just as the e-commerce industry is evolving every passing day, we provide modern solutions to keep up with time. Increasing the possibilities of your brand to keep up with the requests of your customers and providing new modern functionalities to your site. This is made possible by providing our clients with the best and most future-proof Magento extension development services. Let us handle the hard work on your site, while you take care of your customers.

Magento Website Design

Our purpose is to create Magento websites from scratch, only based on the idea and fantasy of our clients. Providing custom website development from scratch and the best interface design that you can find online. Changing every functionality while creating new ones that provide effectively and are essential in helping your site to grow larger. Optimizing your design for the best marketing, optimization with search engines, and catalog-management services. While trusting our Magento development company you would be trusting many years of experience and knowledge on website design services using the Magento platform.

Magento Integration

Nowadays functionalities and features are endless. And each day you face new difficulties and expenses trying to implement those features on your site. You pay extra money to develop them and adapt them to your customers into your website. That’s why we provide Magento integration services, we know the benefits that your commerce websites and platforms can have by this multi-supportive platform. That’s why we integrate your current user experience with the existing platform that you own.

Magento Maintenance

Customer support is just as important as developing anything. That’s why our Magento development agency provides maintenance service to all our clients. No matter if you have developed your Magento site with us, we still can provide you with the highest quality of maintenance services. Providing the latest fixes and updates to your website at all times. No matter your location, our goal is to make sure that your Magento website stays breathtaking 24/7 and make your customers happy.

Why Should You Choose Magento?

Open Source

Open-Source platforms are the best choice for your website. Magento is a fully open source, which means the cost of your development will be less expensive than other platforms. You do not have to purchase expensive licensing before you even start the development phase for your site. Instead, you focus your budget on creating new functionalities and the best features for your customers. For a better future and growth of your website, choose Magento.

Written In PHP

Magento is written in PHP, which makes it already the best option for your services. This means that a very extended database is supported to create the best features for your site. PHP is independent and offers the best customization services when it comes to coding and has a clean and structured interface. The costs of Magento are lower when it comes to maintenance and the performance reliability is higher as a result of PHP coding.

Multi Benefits

When you want to invest for your business into a website you always consider these options: Features, support, security. This is what Magento provides for you and this is the main reason why you need to consider it as the main option for your website. Choose the best platform, choose Magento.

Magento Supported Industries

As you know Magento is an e-commerce platform that serves best for online stores. Those are some of the industries supported by Magento:

Magento C2C Marketplace

Magento is the best choice when it comes to e-commerce websites. If you want to sell your goods around the world then you need the best platform to support you. Following the amazing examples of Alibaba, eBay and Amazon we help vendors to sell their goods around the world easier than ever. Creating functionalities to help customers using your website. No matter what kind of design you choose for your site, we create customized templates and designs.

Magneto B2C Websites

Benefit from the customized designs that we provide and the unique features that we implement we create new solutions for your clients. Enjoy the multiple features with a large number of extensions that our Magento web development company will build for your site. Taking care of all analyzation data that your business needs to track the audience that you target. Integrating your business with AliExpress, eBay, and Amazon platform to increase the possibilities of a bigger revenue. Fully supported on mobile devices and improved user experience.

Magento B2B Websites.

The perfect option when it comes to wholesales is Magento B2B website. Offering all the features that are needed for this kind of online store. Shaping unique designs that will create a breathtaking first impact and integrating the most innovative extension to create the best experience for your customers. Our Magento development company is the best choice for your online business and for the improvement of your B2B commerce website.

About Us

BD Grow is a leader in web development and online businesses. We provide modern solutions to help businesses grow online. Using our experience and dedication to present them with Magento, a platform that not only will improve their customers’ experience but will also provide them with modern solutions for better management and improving their websites. Trusted by thousands of clients every year for universal Magento solutions, there is no better Magento development company in New York and New Jersey than BDGrow.

FAQs about Digital Marketing Services

Magento provides users with an e-commerce platform to bring them new modern solutions to take control of the content and functionalities of their online store. It is 100% free since it is open source and offers essential marketing solutions when it comes to SEO and category-management tools.

We can start right away with the development of your project, as soon as we have the right information for the initial phase. Although, based on the complexity of your requests the ending time of the project may be longer or shorter.

Yes Magento is a free platform and you will not be charged with any licensing fees by our company. Literally, your cost for starting a Magento project is 0.

Telling our prices before we learn about the project would be very unprofessional for our kind of service. We charge based on working hours and the complexity of the work. We do not have minimal or maximal prices because every project is different, we can not take the same amount of money for a project that lasts one month with that which lasts one week.