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Mobile Game Development Company in New York and New Jersey | Hire Professional Mobile Game Developers in United States

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Mobile Game Development Company in New York and New Jersey | Hire Professional Mobile Game Developers in United States

BDGrow offers high quality mobile game development services as a company located in New York and New Jersey. We can develop professionally outstanding games in platforms like iOS and Android from scratch. With maximal detailing and the best designers, you can expect only the best quality of work from our mobile game development company. At every stage of the development, a team of experienced designers and developers will always be ready to provide the best possible support for all kinds of inquiries.

Nowadays the mobile games market has evolved and the potential of this industry has boosted massively. The revenue generated from mobile games companies is having an increase of more than 20% each year on both, android and iOS platforms. Our company is one of the top mobile gaming studios ltd and delivers the best and most professional mobile game app development services for our clients. We have developed games for many years and our knowledge creates the best possibilities for your video gaming project. Understanding how game engines work on mobile devices we have become the best agency for creating games for all kinds of platforms.

Our game app development company focuses on delivering the best UX designs and UI. The people you would be working with have experience in creating games of all kinds of categories. From Social gaming, arcade, action, strategy, trivia, MMO, RTS, MMORPG, table, and many others.

Our experience includes working with Unity, Unreal Engine, Cocos2D, Maya, Max, Photoshop, Java, virtual reality, and all top-notch services to deliver the best user experience and mobile app for your targeted audience.

Our Cross-Platform Mobile Game Development Services

Unity 3D Game Development Services

Our programmers deliver the best unity 3D game development services and offer certified developers to give life to your project. Providing our clients with the latest features and the best Unity 3D services. Our focus is to create Unity 3D video games, following the highest standards of quality and support all platforms.

Cocos2D X Game Development Services

Our Cocos creators are ready anytime to build video games and applications for all mobile platforms. With developers experienced and skilled to create a brighter future for your mobile game or application and delivering unique entity-component and data-driver solutions while using professional tools that are made to deliver the best content creation.

HTML 5 Game Development Services

We have been using HTML 5 since the moment it came out. Exalting our development skills with HTML5 and creating games that run smooth and are bug-free. Our programmers offer outstanding skills in designing, creating artistic visuals, start-ups, and entrepreneur experience for different kinds of categories of game development services required by our clients. Our focus is to build high-quality HTML 5 games with the best performance and modern technologies.

Mobile AR Game Apps Development Services

Using ARCore, ARKit, Vuforia, ARToolkit, and Wikitude, we deliver the best AR game development services. Assigning our clients experienced augmented mobile game developers who work full time to create the results that you always desired. We learn your objectives, create AR game strategies, and deliver successful results.

Mobile Simulation Game App Development Services

Choosing our mobile Simulation Game Development team means that you are choosing a team that has limitless creativity. Creating interactive simulation experiences in 2D and 3D. Making your games addictive while building beautiful and interactive interfaces.

Mobile VR Game Development Services

Taking full advantage of the newest VR technologies and developing VR video games at the highest quality. Our gaming studio will adapt your VR game for cross-platform, visualize it in 3D and provide the best VR UI/UX enhancements. With proficiency, we develop VR games for mobile devices, android, and iPhone platforms.

Mobile UI/UX Design

The user interface and user experience are the two most important factors when developing a mobile game. Our graphic designers will listen to all your ideas and create beautiful shapes and visuals for your mobile application or video game. No matter if you require plain 2D or amazing 3D, we love working with the most challenging tasks. Let us create the best UI for your mobile game and provide all the users with the most exceptional experience that will make their gameplay addictive, and your game into a daily routine.

Mobile Game Development Services We Offer

With the right experience and knowledge as a mobile app and game development company, we craft the most attractive and excellent video games for mobile phones. With experience in the android and iOS markets, we deliver an excellent work process, bug-free, and amazing performances. Our technical skills and tools create amazing possibilities for games to support cross-platforms and deliver an amazing UI UX design. Here is what we offer:

Art, Design, Animation

With the best graphic designers ready to create fantastic designs and graphics for your 2d game or 3d. Our designs are 100% mobile-friendly, support cross-platforms, and hand made by skilled & experienced animators, following the latest trends of visual designs and the best shapes.

UI/UX Design

Our UI and UX process is made through using a perfectly logical approach and delivering our knowledge and experience to our clients. We know how to match the best colors with your game, adapt buttons, and match sizes perfectly for all kinds of screens. Considering UI on of the most important factors to leave the best first impression for your mobile game users. Building all kinds of interfaces with custom designs and delivering professionalism and dedication on every game interface. Having a dedicated team that takes care only of the UI and UX development makes the workflow process very efficient and provides the best and unique outcome possible.

Coding & Development

Our coding experience and skills include Unity, Unreal, Cocos2d, Cocos-JS and HTML5, Java, Angular JS, Three.JS, JavaScript framework, etc. All those skills are focused on developing the best cross-platform mobile game that can work natively perfectly. We analyze all the requirements of your project and based on the result we select the best possible tools to develop your mobile game; Assign a dedicated project manager and the best coders for the required kind of work. If you want to hire a mobile game developer, you are in the right place.


Considering quality and reliability two main factors for every game we make sure to maintain the highest standards through several testing. Assuring our clients that the mobile games developed by our company will work flawlessly on the android and iOS platforms. Aiming to deliver the best performance to our games but always without losing the quality. Making sure that the gameplay is 100% bug-free, check compatibility issues, test user interface, and improve loading speeds.

Why Partner with Our Mobile Game Development Company

Cross-Platform & 24/7 Support

Guaranteeing that the developed games by our team will work flawlessly on all kinds of mobile phones. Providing frequent updates and maintaining all kinds of video games with the latest upgrades, performance updates, and security implementations. Making every second a breathtaking experience for your users. At any time, your video game is having issues, our team can assist you and provide immediate support and maintenance services at the quickest time possible.


Our mobile game developers have the right experience to craft the ideal video games based on your requests. Your investment in our agency means that you are choosing a video game development team that holds responsibility for their products, offers reliability, and delivers satisfaction based on award-winning skills and many years of experience and knowledge.

Our Games Get Featured

We build video games that users love. Our marketing and advertising team will create the most eye-catching titles, descriptions, and visuals to catch the attention of viewers. Paying attention to the smallest details while enhancing UI and UX. Unlike different agencies, we perform well-pointed research on your competitors. Learn about their game strengths and weaknesses while creating a strategy that will boost the visibility of your video game. The amazing reviews your game will earn on Google Play Store and iPhone App store will give your game a ranking boost. Making it get featured on Google Play and App Store.

FAQs about Mobile Game Development

Games are one of the biggest parts of nowadays routine and the gaming sector has become one of the most demanding and successful sectors in the Play Store and App Store. This industry is worth more than 14 billion USD, and this study is made in 2017, in 2020 this industry passed 77 billion USD and keeps continuing to grow every day.

We can develop your game for any mobile platform but also for Mac, Pc, and Linux. Also, our team can fully cover developing apps and games for all kinds of browsers.

Every genre available is supported by us. To give you a clear idea here are some categories: Adventure, Arcade, Platform, Puzzle, Strategy, Shooter, Role-play, Sports and racing, Music Arts, and much more.

There are lots of ways of earning revenue from your mobile game. Creating different paying options in-app-purchases, and subscription or advertising.