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Page Speed Optimization Service

Having problems with your page speed may cause your customers to start looking for different sites offering the same services. The question is, do you want to lose customers only because your page speed is not behaving as it should? Our team is here to provide the page speed optimization services so you never have to worry again about losing customers because of your page speed. We are located in New York, New Jersey, but also provide exceptional services worldwide.

Your page speed not only will affect the results with customers but also it is a very important part of the SEO strategy. Search engines do not favor the sites with long loading speeds that are slower than normal. It is a strong policy of Google, Yahoo, and even Bing. Websites should always be fast, responsive, and have the best loading times if you aim to attract visitors and index higher in search results.

Our team has the right experience and knowledge of page speed optimization services. No matter how much you are struggling to fix those pages loading times, or short the time of large images loading. It takes a lot of experience and speed optimization knowledge to get the results that you expect. That’s why we offer page speed optimization services on a professional scale so that all your pages, images, videos, and contact loads quickly.

Why Us?

Web Investigators

Once we start working with your site, we perform a full site audit to determine the problem related to your page speed. Once identified we create a strong plan that will improve the speed of your website.

Dedicated Team

Once we start working together, we assign a team that will work with you until the end. Changing operators is not effective and can lead to misunderstandings. That’s why the team that will be assigned to you is going to support you 24/7 for all the requests you may have. Anytime you contact us, the same person you talked before would be responding to you.

Experienced Web Developers

One of the main steps, when we develop websites, is to make sure that the page speed to be of the highest standards. With our experience from web development, we are the right team to take on your page speed optimization requests and deliver satisfaction.

Why Is Page Optimization Service Important?

Better Search Engine Indexing

Assuming that even you or your clients do not care about the speed of your website. There is somebody out there who takes this matter very seriously. Google marks the site speed as one of the most crucial SEO factors. If your site is marked with a low-speed score by search engines then your ranks will start to decrease, your organic traffic will get lower each passing day, and your revenue will not be the same as it was. With a better page speed, all those problems would be benefits for your site.

Better Navigation

Think of the first impact your new visitors would create when they enter your site and can’t load a single photo because it is unoptimized. Your site would enter on a blacklist immediately. The page speed offers simple yet amazing navigation that is fast and reliable to perform services that your site offers. Navigation helps people save and mark your site as a reliable source of performing their tasks. At the end of a visitor’s time surfing your site, you would have earned a new customer because of the speed and navigation that your site offers.

Better User Experience

Earning a new customer is strongly based on their experience the first time surfing your site. To achieve a better user, experience your site needs to load faster as the main goal. Sites that take more than 3-4 seconds to fully load will make their visitors frustrated and leave a feeling of unprofessionalism.

Awesome Results

This not only will worsen the user experience but also will inform Google about the speed that you are offering to visitors. No matter how amazing your content and services may be, Google does not know that. What Google sees that users are having a bad experience and leaving your site before it has loaded completely. Let’s work together and improve the page speed of your site, alongside with the user experience of your visitors.

Mobile Optimization Also Counts

Since 2018 the way your site loads on mobile devices, fast or slow, also impacts your ranking factor with search engines. This makes the importance of optimizing your site page speed for mobile devices since it can boost your page ranking.

Do not worry about this step, since our team when starting to optimize your site for desktops will also take care of the speed time on mobile devices and all other platforms.

It is very crucial to optimize your page speed for mobile devices because nowadays more than 80% of all the traffic you get on your website comes from mobiles. This fact is more than enough to prove the importance of improving your site page speed for mobile devices.

What Causes Slow Page Speed Problems

Careless HTML Coding

The first possibility that more often is the main reason for a slow page problem is the careless HTML coding. HTML is responsible for the way it shows the users your page. It contains all those lines of coding, and tags to give the expected looks for your visitors. Optimizing HTML coding may result in a speed increase for your site. But this doesn’t mean that the only problem may be HTML codes.

Large, Unoptimized Visuals

Today’s videos can be on scales to gigabytes even for a single minute, and photos can be hundreds of megabytes. Of course, that without proper optimization those photos and videos would take a very long time to load. We provide effective ways to ensure that videos and photos will load faster on your site and will not affect the full loading of your site. Your visuals will have the same quality after working with us, but their size will be lower and they will load more than 70% faster.

Innumerable Redirects

Replacing your old links with new ones is a normal process. Links change because sites change, new services are added or old services are removed. But those redirects can affect the speed of your site because it may take some time to reference the directories and show them to the user. If you do not want to take care of this problem on your own, we are here to help.

Hosting Location and The Host Performance

Let’s say that your audience is located in the US and that’s where you get your clicks mostly. But your hosting is located in Ukraine (Example), which would impact the page speed of your site 100%. The explanation is simple, the farther the location of your hosting, the longer is the time of your pages to load. After we analyze your site and find that the hosting server is what is slowing down your site, we will provide you with different opportunities to solve this problem.

FAQs about Page Speed Optimization Service

Pricing depends on several factors. For example, you may only want to determine the factors that slow down your site and do the optimization work by yourself. So the pricing is not the same as a full service by us. What we can say is that our page speed optimization is affordable for all kinds of budgets.

Yes, since more than 80% of the traffic today is generated from mobile devices it is very important to provide mobile users with the best speed optimizations for your site.

Yes page speed optimization is a factor that is treated very seriously by search engines and it will affect your site ranking.

There can be many factors that can slow a website, let our experts perform a site audit and determine the problems and how to overcome them.