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PHP Development Services

Hire BDGrow as the best PHP development company in New York or New Jersey and improve the expectations from your application. While working with our PHP developers your expectations should be as high as possible. We create modern solutions to match the digital requests of our clients and provide solutions to assist with the improvement of your business. With the right experience in coding at PHP language, we provide reliable services that reach the expectations of all clients, no matter their demands.

The benefits of PHP are seen across many businesses. Being open-source, it is cost-effective for the development process and offers the best solutions when it comes to building web portals. All the clients who require custom websites that are unique for their category chose PHP. The reputation of PHP is well-known today since the best websites are built based on this language. Talking about the biggest industries like Facebook, Wikipedia, WordPress, and much more. This is not convincing you yet?

PHP is the leading programming language when it comes to building websites with the fastest time of page generating. Each script is sent back to the server and fully processed there before it is delivered to the browser. So, there is speed, opportunities, and low costs of developing because it is open source. Now combine all those benefits with our company who offers professional PHP Developer services. This is how you get the best results for your site and applications.

The performance of PHP is always high, no matter what platform your server is stored. May it be Linux, Windows, or Mac. The flexibility, simple documentation, and translucency are benefits of PHP that you simply cannot pass on. PHP is what you should go after if you want to create an app or website with functionalities that are easy to execute and which have the best security.

PHP Applications Developed by Our Company


Creating impressive applications for students and all the people who want to learn online. Offering fast development, professionalism, quality, and low costs while you chose PHP to develop your E-Learning application.


It is time to create easier ways for customers to buy your products online. Offering unlimited features and functionalities for your E-Shop application. Developing E-Shop apps for clients while focusing on achieving the best app design, modern features, and simple navigation.

Web Portals

Developing Impressive web portals with outstanding designs and functionalities while the coding is made on PHP language. Creating the best web portals for any kind of budget and offering the highest quality of work.

Social Networking

PHP is the best coding language if you are looking to build a social networking app or website. The low costs it offers to add new functionalities and modern libraries are what make it possible to create the best social networking platform.

Business or Finance

Choose PHP and keep your business clients or financial co-workers impressed with the quality of the app and website we will develop for your business. Keep an easier track of every transaction, and lower the possibilities of mistakes up to 0 from the features that we develop on PHP.

eCommerce Websites

PHP offers the best support when it comes to creating large eCommerce websites. The speed of developing, modern libraries and the security PHP offers is what you are looking for. Let us develop your eCommerce website better than all the competition while using PHP, together.

CRM Systems

There is no better coding language than PHP if you are looking to develop customer relationship management apps or websites. With the functionalities that you would expect from PHP, you can have better sales management, analytics over time, and the best integration with social media platforms.

Advantages of PHP

Low Development Costs

As an open-source platform PHP language is very cost-effective. As a client, you should be developing your app or website with lower costs, and use it on all the desired platforms. No matter what server you like, the compatibility and the costs of PHP are always the best in the industry.

Simple Execution on Any Task

From being a cost-effective programming language, PHP fast developing times even on the tightest budget. By being able to use it on all important platforms you can rest easy, any task you throw in will be completed in no time. The massive databases that PHP supports offer a wide range of extensions and libraries to help the developers.

Best Security

By updating all the time their libraries and frameworks PHP has become one of the most trusted programming languages when it comes to security. From small businesses to enterprise, one’s trust PHP as their main programming language for websites or applications. Threats from hackers are limited maximally, and your business will be safe from risky attempts at all times.

Reliable for All Programming Experts

The possibilities that PHP offers to programmers are massive. Besides being open source, it offers reliability. That’s why we have exalted our skills and become the best PHP development company to grow your business like never before. It is not like we do not know other programming languages but you are here for the best services, and that is why we offer PHP as the main solution.

Main Reasons to Choose PHP


PHP is the best solution if you are looking for a platform that is amazing to develop apps and websites at an affordable cost. Because it is open-source the prices of licensing are 0. It helps businesses focus their budget on the developing process so they can get the best from this technology. Populated by a massive community. The coding that PHP offers alongside modern samples and examples are the best for your business.

Fast Development Time

Because of the modern frameworks that PHP offers it gives the possibility for developers to develop it faster. No matter if the project is for a large business or for a corporate website, the fast development process will surpass your expectations. While fast development is made possible by PHP. our team assigns skilled programmers to work with your project at the same time. Lowering the development time massively and offering the fastest PHP development service online.

Low Maintenance Costs

By offering modern libraries and frameworks that are updated often, the maintenance of PHP applications and websites is very easy. This directly affects the costs that you would be spending on maintenance. While your app or website is built on PHP the budget you would be saving from maintenance costs can be focused on different solutions for your business, like improving marketing.

Universal Website Supporting

From e-Commerce websites, social networking, blogs, CRM, database driver, and much more are supported by PHP. So whatever website that you are aiming to create with PHP language, we assure you that it works. And it works perfectly. The websites that we create in PHP are 100% user friendly, have the simplest navigation you could ask for, and the most amazing design combined with the fastest optimization offered by our PHP development company.

Lower Costs for New Features

Understanding how vital is for any app or website to create new features to match the satisfaction of their customers. Over time each site is in need of new functionalities or new features. You do not want to be left behind by the competition, otherwise you risk losing all the traffic. But those costs can be very expensive.

Rich In Possibilities

Well, not if you are using PHP. Think of the Facebook platform. Is so rich and full of features and it was amazing from the first moments. Our PHP development company offers the lowest cost for building new features for your website or application. Combine that with the lower costs that PHP offers to develop new features!

Fully Customizable Website Components

PHP is the main programming language where most popular platforms like WordPress, Joomla, and many others rely on their services. This comes as the capabilities for creating custom features or modifying the old ones are widely supported by PHP. If you are deciding which programming language is best for you when you have a site full of functionalities that need customization. The answer will always be PHP. Custom PHP is the solution if you want to fully customize your website components.

Why Should You Choose Our PHP Development Company?

Fast and Effective Workflow

Since the first moment our clients get in touch with us, we do not waste time with processes that slow the developing process. Focusing on creating the most effective development process so we deliver the project always before the expected date.

Promise Keepers

What’s told, will be delivered. Being correct is what we believe it’s the most important step of the whole process. That’s why everything promised when you got in touch with us will be delivered successfully. Mutual trust is important for both sides, as our goals are the same.

Innovative Solutions

Our PHP development company never liked to copy others or to do what thousands have done before. Bringing new modern solutions and offering innovative ideas to our clients in what we do best. We aim to make a difference in this kind of industry, and the same goal we want to share with you by offering innovative and modern PHP solutions.

FAQs about PHP Development Services

Think about your objectives and look for them in each company that you contact. If they offer what you are looking for, and have the right experience and knowledge on PHP developing, then why not?

Your role is very important for the initial phase. The concept, idea, and design is very important to be chosen from you. Not to mention that on every milestone the client should review work in order to make sure that everything is going as planned, or to change something. People get new ideas as time passes, that’s why we offer a review process on every milestone.

Our clients are the sole owners of the projects that we deliver. We only take credit for the coding phase, of course, with the agreements of our clients.

PHP is cost-effective, offers the best security and customization for all your needs. It is trusted by some of the biggest industries in the world and has proven that is very effective.