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WordPress Theme Customization Service New York and New Jersey, United States

Optimizing Your Website for Maximal Speed

Customizing and creating a unique Theme is now possible in our WordPress platform.

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WordPress Theme Customization

Customizing and creating a unique Theme is now possible in the WordPress platform. You will have an authentic unique looking WordPress website as no one else is going to have your theme. Add new designs, new graphics, and new functions to your theme. The first impression every visitor is going to have is the visual one. That’s why our team of professional theme developers in New York and New Jersey provide the best results when it comes to creating WordPress custom themes. We have a team full of visual artists and graphic designers with many years of experience in the field.

You need to customize your WordPress theme in cases you want to create something that your competitors can never have. You need to build something beautiful to represent you online and become your marketing companion. Besides creating custom themes from scratch, we can even edit premium themes you have purchased from WordPress. By designing your theme with us you will never have to worry about lowering your ranks in google because our SEO team will be always there giving its best to put you in top search results every time. Start customizing your WordPress Theme right now with the best team of developers and programmers in New York and New Jersey.

Our WordPress Theme Customization Services

It is time to create a moving animation for your brand logo, intro, or any kind of innovative video idea you may have for your viewers. Benefit from our experience in video animation producing and our skilled graphic designers who will draw handle each of your projects. Every business it’s trying to modernize their marketing videos by creating simple, yet, very effective and nice to watch animation videos. We offer custom animation services for all kinds of tasks that you may put us into.

Every Theme Adjustment

Our theme developers can design and adjust any theme you select from the store. We can add new functions and different unique designs. We blend colors and implement new user interfaces to your themes to create something very special.

Expanded Functionality

Themes come with a limited number of functions. To add another function, you need to purchase it from the beginning or pay for a premium theme. Our team creates every needed function since the beginning of theme customizations so you don’t have to pay again in the end.

Responsive Websites

We create the most responsive and friendly websites on every platform, pc, mobile, tablet or iPad. This way you never are going to lose visitors no matter how the audience chose to visit your site. We create 100% mobile-friendly websites.

Theme Look Adjustment

If you like the selected theme but want to change and adjust a few different things you are in the right place. We can adjust how the theme looks, fast, and create unique designs.

We Implement the Best Plugins

We select every plugin carefully when it comes to your site. We install only the best premium plugins that will never slow down your site or make it harder to navigate.

Website SEO Optimization on Every Theme

If you want your website to have the best ranking when it comes to google you will have to hire a specialized SEO team. We offer the best SEO optimization for your website. We analyze keywords using SEMrush and similar platforms like Ahrens to be sure that your website will have the best rankings in google search.

What makes us the best

Revolutionary Ideas

Having a team of web designers always makes it easier to come to an understanding. We implement the best ideas and put them into work as great functions. Of course, your website will be using the latest word of technology.

Simple Sharing

A website always needs back up from your social media accounts, that’s because you provide more traffic and help to increase your site revenue. We will create a simple sharing solution at your website so every visitor will have a glimpse of your social media profiles.

More Features

As themes come with limited features and content to use, we never have limitations when it comes to features. We can add any extra features you need and also customize them with your theme.

Best Plugins

We support plugin development and add new plugins to websites. We are experienced with all kinds of plugins and we know how to install them to your site without slowing it down.

Simple Navigation

We build website themes based on daily experiences so they can be simple to navigate and very responsive. Every visitor will have a very pleasant time while surfing your website, after all we all visit the sites that are simple and easy to navigate.

Mobile Supportive

We value the traffic that every website generates from their mobile customers, after all its more than 60% average traffic that every website generates. Select every theme you want and we will customize that theme to work in mobile 100%. It will run the same way as it runs on every computer.

What We Guarantee

We guarantee that our theme customization team will fulfill every task you will put them to. We set net goals for our team on every work. But our top goal every time has been and will always be the satisfaction of the client. We achieve your satisfaction by creating and customizing the best and unique themes for WordPress platform. You are here for a reason and we are ready to reach your expectations. We guarantee:

Fast Work Process

Our team of theme designers is made by more than 10 people working at the same time as your project. We delivered customized themes faster than any other company in the industry.

Unlimited Efforts

Creating something perfect never comes by a single effort. That is why we never stop our attempts of customizing your website theme until we get as close to perfection as possible.


The main reason why you must choose our company is that we work tirelessly until your desired theme is just like you always dreamt of. We value your good feedback more than every price.

Why WordPress

Best Theme Customization Platform

WordPress is what we have always worked with and what we really love. We will talk to you about the benefits of using WordPress themes and why to customize them. WordPress is a very sophisticated platform full of functionalities about any kind of industry, product, or service. Themes that WordPress has to offer are the best on the market and it is so amazing that you have the ability to tweak and customize every theme you like.

Theme Developing Process

Theme Installation

We provide you with a sample of our WordPress customized themes and after you select your favorite one, we install it on your website.

Plugin Installation

We install every important plugin that your site needs, doesn’t matter what price you pay for themes, plugins are always included.

Theme Customization

We start to customize theme design and functionality just the way you like it.

Content Development

We start developing beautiful and unique content for your site. This way you will be one step before your competitors.

SEO Optimization

We analyze the internet about every important keyword we will use and collect information about your competitors. This way you will get better search results than every other website in the same industry.

FAQs about WordPress Theme Customization Service

Why WordPress

If you want us to take samples from a premade template then we will, but we love to create our unique customized themes.

A responsive web design means that your website will be 100% supported on every device or platform. The goal is to create something that fits 100% original in mobile phones, tablets and every other device using the internet.

Yes, our customized themes are fully supported on mobile and every other device. We guarantee a 100% responsive web design.

Yes, we can customize paid themes. As a matter of fact, we can customize every theme on the market. Not only the design but even its functionalities.

Our company is based on creating customized themes, but if you like to buy a theme for you and install it on your website then it is your choice and we respect it.

Website, theme and everything that comes after our project is finished belongs to you. You are the rightful owner of your unique theme, after all, we work for you.

Yes, our designed theme for your website will be very compatible with search engine optimization (SEO). We have a team that will work on that after theme design is completed.

We support almost all kinds of source types, starting from PSD, jpg, png, pdf, Indd, etc.

Yes, the wordpress themes we design and customize are always made using full coding from the beginning to the launch of the website.

We respond at a record time always. The maximum reply time is 4 hours from the time you write your email. Check your inbox anytime within this time to view our reply.

Yes, we can install wordpress themes on every host or server you like. We only need your hosting/server details and it will be ready in no time.