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Our Graphic Design Services Include:

Logo Design

A “logo” is the graphic representation of a brand that, through the union of certain elements, allows it to be identified and differentiated from all the others. This representation is made up of elements such as typography or graphics. A logo also allows the company to transmit its values and the vision it has through its services.

The process of logo creation can be a little more complete than what is shown at first sight, since in order to represent and create a perfect harmony of each element, a quite extensive research process must be carried out, which is achieved through the knowledge of the designer and the information provided by the company. All these elements together result in a unique and concise piece.

For the creation of a logo, there is no limit, each company seeks to identify itself as it considers best, but within the creation of logos there are different types that are a little more specific. We will tell you more about them.

Types of logos


The logotype is used to graphically represent the name of the company. This is achieved by means of letters or typographies. An important element for this type of logos is that words or the element to be represented must be used in a totally legible way.
A clear example of brands with this type of logos can be Coca-Cola. This logo has been updated through the years, but it has always been very clear when it comes to be represented, keeping a simple concept that makes it easy for people to remember.


The isotope is used as a symbolic element to visually represent a brand. It can be constituted by an image or a symbol, creating an icon. This icon does not depend on other elements such as typography. However, it is important to mention that this type of logos, at first sight, can not make very clear what the brand refers to, as is the case of Twitter, Volkswagen, or Chanel, so it is important for them to induce people to what they are dealing with, and this is achieved through their advertising. As time goes by, users will begin to associate the brand’s product with its symbol in a better way.


Imagotypes, like isotypes, are a combination of image and typography; however, there are differences. In the case of imagotypes, the typography can be perfectly separated from the image. Unlike isologos, here there is a combination of image and typography, these two elements are created to complement each other without losing their meaning.
Brands such as Spotify, Lacoste and Movistar are good representations of this logo concept.


The isologo, like the other types of logos, serves to identify and represent a brand in a visual way. This is done through the implementation of an image and typography. In this type of logo, there is a fusion between the typography and the image, which makes that these two elements cannot be separated.
You can see examples of logos in big brands such as Pizza Hut, Burger King, Claro, and many other well-known brands.

Business Cards & Stationery

These are fundamental elements when it comes to selling a company’s products. They contain information of interest to customers, from contact numbers, product specifications or available offers and much more. But in order to hit the nail on the head, a certain number of rules must be met. The design is an important part, because it is the way in which you are going to present the idea or the service you want to promote, but elements such as the type of paper, the printing quality and the right size are also taken into account.