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Our Graphic Design Services Include:

Logo Design

A “logo” is the graphic representation of a brand that, through the union of certain elements, allows it to be identified and differentiated from all the others. This representation is made up of elements such as typography or graphics. A logo also allows the company to transmit its values and the vision it has through its services.

The process of logo creation can be a little more complete than what is shown at first sight, since in order to represent and create a perfect harmony of each element, a quite extensive research process must be carried out, which is achieved through the knowledge of the designer and the information provided by the company. All these elements together result in a unique and concise piece.

For the creation of a logo, there is no limit, each company seeks to identify itself as it considers best, but within the creation of logos there are different types that are a little more specific. We will tell you more about them.

Types of logos


The logotype is used to graphically represent the name of the company. This is achieved by means of letters or typographies. An important element for this type of logos is that words or the element to be represented must be used in a totally legible way.
A clear example of brands with this type of logos can be Coca-Cola. This logo has been updated through the years, but it has always been very clear when it comes to be represented, keeping a simple concept that makes it easy for people to remember.


The isotope is used as a symbolic element to visually represent a brand. It can be constituted by an image or a symbol, creating an icon. This icon does not depend on other elements such as typography. However, it is important to mention that this type of logos, at first sight, can not make very clear what the brand refers to, as is the case of Twitter, Volkswagen, or Chanel, so it is important for them to induce people to what they are dealing with, and this is achieved through their advertising. As time goes by, users will begin to associate the brand’s product with its symbol in a better way.


Imagotypes, like isotypes, are a combination of image and typography; however, there are differences. In the case of imagotypes, the typography can be perfectly separated from the image. Unlike isologos, here there is a combination of image and typography, these two elements are created to complement each other without losing their meaning.
Brands such as Spotify, Lacoste and Movistar are good representations of this logo concept.


The isologo, like the other types of logos, serves to identify and represent a brand in a visual way. This is done through the implementation of an image and typography. In this type of logo, there is a fusion between the typography and the image, which makes that these two elements cannot be separated.
You can see examples of logos in big brands such as Pizza Hut, Burger King, Claro, and many other well-known brands.

Business Cards & Stationery

These are fundamental elements when it comes to selling a company’s products. They contain information of interest to customers, from contact numbers, product specifications or available offers and much more. But in order to hit the nail on the head, a certain number of rules must be met. The design is an important part, because it is the way in which you are going to present the idea or the service you want to promote, but elements such as the type of paper, the printing quality and the right size are also taken into account.

Brochure Design

Brochures are a tool that allows a company to effectively increase its success through the diffusion of a product or service. The quality of a product can be reflected in a good way through a quality design. Brochures usually convey a rather brief message, but they are very efficient in the business world. A fairly classic element when it comes to promulgating information.

Poster Design

This is a fundamental thing when it comes to visually communicating a message for a large number of people to see. In the marketing world this is a great relief since it is a massive way to inform something, since the intention of its creation is to draw attention to the text or image that is in its center. It should be noted that its growth has been great, since we must take into account that we have grown as a society and also in terms of technology, so many things have changed since the first time one was made. But it is still in force as one of the most important visual communication media for different sectors of society.

Flyer Design

This term refers to all types of flyers that are small in size and are used to advertise some information, cause or business. Whatever it is, it can be applied in a flyer. As we have said, their main characteristics are that they are small and practical, and in the case of being physical, that they are made of materials similar to paper, or that they are simply soft. Its functions range from advertising a campaign at an advertising level, to taking care of the information of a company and its distribution, being no more than an advertising medium. It is still in force thanks to its usefulness and its great reach, since its shape attracts a lot of attention and depending on the design it has, it will make many people interested in what you have to say.

Web Mobile Design

Web design is a task whose development depends not only on the usual page design. It is a work of graphic design as well as interface, interaction and marketing; whose objective is to adapt to the present and the evolution of the Internet in conjunction with society. The consumption of content is the main engine of web design, it is oriented exclusively to the public, taking into account the bases of the domain that exposes it, in order to provide the best user experience.

Web design goes hand in hand with good content creation and well laid out information. Well elaborated, a web page can generate millions of visits, a good relationship with the user and high probabilities of establishing contact with potential clients.

Web design is an activity that consists of the planning, design, implementation and maintenance of websites. It is not simply the implementation of conventional design since it covers different aspects such as web graphic design, interface design and user experience, such as navigability, interactivity, usability, information architecture; media interaction, among which we can mention audio, text, image, links, video and search engine optimization. Often many people work in teams that cover the different aspects of the design process, although there are some independent designers who work alone.

The union of good design with a well elaborated hierarchy of content increases the efficiency of the web as a channel of communication and data exchange, providing possibilities such as direct contact between the producer and the consumer of content.

Cartoons & Comics

This is a type of visual communication where an artist can create designs or illustrations and express ideas, opinions and even stories. Text can also be added, and it is a didactic and entertaining way to do it. Usually the type of typography used depends a lot on the style of writing that needs to be used to express the ideas. They keep a line between dialogue, narration and extra sounds that can be simulated in the comic itself.
Architecture & Interior Design

Interior architecture and design is about reusing, designing and defining spaces with no current utility. It is a new ecological way of using the empty spaces of urbanity to give them a whole new meaning. However, it is not about changing the space, but reusing it without changing its essence with simple, accessible and fashionable changes. It can be considered a revolutionary type of art, kind to the environment and extremely useful for our ever-expanding society.

Interior architecture is in charge of redesigning pre-existing spaces. Its objective is to give new uses to a building or part of it. That is why it is related to sustainable architecture and interior design.
Thus, this approach takes into account the diversity of uses that can be given to buildings. By rethinking the interior layout, a new atmosphere can be given to the surface. This would be the closest concept to styling.
But you can also use it for more revolutionary purposes. Interior projects can be as simple as an accessibility reform or as elaborate as a resignification of the spirit of the building.

3D Models & Product Design

It consists of the creation and replication of any three-dimensional material, whether animated or not, through digital design programs. The 3D model can be made by rendering a 2D model or using simulations of certain physical phenomena, in the same way 3D models can be reproduced by 3D printers.

It is the process of making technological representations of any three-dimensional material (inanimate or animated) through a technical program. This is what we call a 3D model, it can be treated as a two-dimensional image through a process called 3D rendering, or used in computer simulations of physical phenomena, the model can also be physically created using 3D printing equipment.
These shapes can be produced manually and the progress of creation is much like making sculptures (in the digital world), or they can be produced automatically using a 3D scanner.

Book Cover Design

The first view of a book is important to consider its genre and what it is about. If we go by what usually happens, we will buy the book depending on how it looks, therefore it is quite important that this design is eye-catching to attract the audience, this along with a catchy name. It needs to be an advertising method of the book itself, that the cover makes its own distribution. When choosing a book, first the cover catches the eye, then the synopsis, and if the reader is still interested, he will probably take the book.

T-Shirts & Merchandise

Marketing is nowadays the best option for small and large companies to promote their products. A good creation of content, whether articles, notes or advertising in networks, is a good opportunity to generate impact on the public so that it is easier to make the branding of companies and boost sales rates.

Personalized merchandising for companies is an easy, economical, direct and high impact way to advertise your company. A good customized item with your logo will improve the branding of your company, the image of it and can help to boost the sale of any product or service.

Presentation Design

Presentation design is any formal introduction or presentation to a topic, usually used for oral presentations, such as university exhibitions or business projects. It is a great tool to achieve a good entry and facilitates the initial engagement of the audience to the content to be discussed. 

It is the support for the oral presentation of a topic. It can be used in university expositions, thesis presentations, proposals at work, etc. It is a fundamental tool to promote mass communication and to provide some support. Are we going to talk about something done or about a project? Do we want to add partners, to convince, to sell, to excite? We need a presentation design.